Katerini Manolatos


MEZZO-SOPRANO KATERINI MANOLATOS WAS BORN AND RAISED IN BRISBANE and now lives in Cairns with her husband and her little boy.
Katerini’s love of Greek music comes from her strong connections to her Greek roots from both her mother’s Kythiran side and her father’s Ithacan side. As a young girl she was fortunate to travel to Greece where she was immersed in the musical culture through listening to her father sing “Cantades” in the square with his childhood friends. Her family’s unswerving encouragement and support meant that she was able to follow her passion and study to become a professional vocalist, teacher and Music therapist. Katerini feels that her years of classical training have helped shape the way in which she sings the loved music of Greece and is excited to be bringing A Musical Odyssey's special arrangments to their audiences.

Costa Vasili


COSTA WAS BORN IN CYPRUS AND MIGRATED TO AUSTRALIA WITH HIS PARENTS AS A YOUNG BOY IN 1964. At the age of 16 Costa bought his first guitar and taught himself how to play, a year later joined his first band playing rock ‘n’ roll and blues. During his final year in high school Costa taught himself to play the piano by practicing on the school’s pianos at lunchtime every day whenever a piano was available. He played electric lead guitar in blues and rock bands for the next four years. This provided him with a good foundation for technique development and stage experience. At the age of 21, Costa took interest in Greek music particularly in the bouzouki. He then bought his first bouzouki and taught himself, formed a Greek band by the name of "Freedom" and led it for the following 16 years playing at a variety of Greek and non Greek functions. Costa has taught guitar and bouzouki for over 30 years and has published the bouzouki method tuition books of Complete Course in Bouzouki. He is enjoying his new role as a part of A Musical Odyssey.

Paul Chantrill


Music making has always been a central part of guitarist PAUL CHANTRILL's life. He started playing guitar at 9 years old and by 15 was teaching the instrument. He studied with the principal lecturer at the Queensland Conservatorium of music and went onto to play in a classical guitar duet for 13 years. He also sang with choral groups and Australia and New Zealand. “Music has always been my way of experiencing and seeing the diverse world around us.” After meeting Katerini Paul says he began a new chapter in his own personal, musical journey that tapped into the rich vein of Greek music and culture. Working with music that is mostly an aural tradition rather than in written form has allowed A Musical Odyssey interpret the music in their own way and Paul has been able to draw from his experience to arrange music in a fresh way”. While not playing guitar Paul works for the Wet tropics Management Authority and has previously worked for UNICEF and Save the World UK. He also incorporates his love of nature into his compositions.



A Musical Odyssey are talented musicians that hail from opposite ends of the east coast of Australia - from Cairns and Sydney. They are passionate about sharing music that contributes to the multicultural landscape of Australia. “We combine two beautiful pure elements of voice and guitar to reimagine the music of Greece and the world. We then bring in traditional instruments such as the bouzouki to bring authenticity, nostalgia and colour.” Katerini says “Having been born in Australia of Greek parents allows me to explore the music of Greece from a new perspective and arrange music with reflections on my Australian-Greek heritage.